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Optimise your Space & Move Management.

Assess, adapt, allocate.

Make informed decisions that lead to greater efficiencies and cost savings. Allocate your space, identify occupancy and plan strategic moves, streamlining processes and minimising organisational disruption.

You get to adjust the way spatial data is captured and stored to suit your company and your industry. The spaces where you do business are likely to be among your biggest costs, so make sure you’re deploying them as effectively as possible.

Profit from planning

Assess the returns yielded by your current space allocation. Identify opportunities and optimise any new spaces you may acquire.

Allocate space smartly between teams and departments within your organisation. Realise new operational efficiencies. Cut costs and increase margins. Gather spatial data and gain the understanding you need to affect real change using the Space & Move Management module from FSI.

Visualise and rationalise your space

Space doesn’t come cheap for businesses. But while most companies have an attentive eye on procurement costs and wastage, the ongoing cost of their square footage can often pass under the radar.

Our software solution makes sure this significant cost never goes unnoticed again. See at-a-glance where space is costing you more than it’s giving back. Get smart and make informed choices about the footprint your business occupies and get serious about saving costs and increasing efficiency.

Run your space with efficiency and agility

Gain complete control over your building space through our collaboration with leading technology services provider Excitech.

Excitech FM adds cost-effective Space & Move Management to Concept Evolution, combining strategic planning and space allocation across your facilities. Handle complex moves/relocations, organisational restructures, agile working and more in one streamlined platform. Save time and money managing your space – react quickly to space management concerns and report accurately on the space allocated throughout your buildings.

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Optimise your Space & Move Management