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Workplace Wellbeing

Conditions for a more productive workplace. Keep your employees comfortable, happy and healthy with a suite of intuitive controls.

Ensure a pleasant environment in all your spaces, keeping rooms fully optimised for your teams. Set temperatures, monitor carbon dioxide levels, alter lighting and control humidity – and access it all from one central point.

Put thresholds in place that warn you when to change building management system settings so you can help prevent issues such as headaches, fatigue, eye and throat irritation and ultimately sick days.

Visual heat maps that paint a powerful picture

See exactly what’s going on in your buildings with a simple, graphic depiction of a room’s atmosphere.

Harness the data continually collected, monitor trends and react to them in real-time. Universities, hospitals, hotels, offices and everywhere in between need to get the most from their employees and students, and effective Workplace Wellbeing ensures this happens.

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Conditions for a more productive workplace