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Energy & Sustainability

Measure consumption.
Control costs. Be efficient with
energy & sustainability software

Cut carbon emissions, enhance your environmental credentials and become energy-efficient

Make strides in monitoring, managing and reducing energy consumption across your premises with Concept's energy management solutions.

Capture data critical to controlling your energy usage through this integrated CAFM/IWMS solution, from tenant billing and energy bill validation, to meter capture data and data alarms. Track this data across reports, runtime management and dashboards to keep consumption in check and to make significant savings going forward, no matter your company’s size or sector.

Reduce operating costs with sustainable solutions

Receive alerts from energy consumption alarms to automatically react to unwanted or unexpected changes. This constant tracking improves performance throughout your building, lowering operating costs, raising the value of your portfolio and securing a more sustainable environment.

Harness intelligent energy data to improve your efficiency

Utilise the considerable data of our energy tool to carefully manage the life expectancy of your equipment, with automatically created maintenance tasks.

Enhance your assets’ longevity and energy consumption to make emphatic improvements to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.