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Meetings & Reservations

Enhance company-wide bookings like never before
with unrivalled meetings & reservations software

Simplify your working environment for staff, visitors and more

Make arranging meetings and reservations as positive and straightforward an experience as possible for your staff, tenants and visitors.

Optimise space usage across your building or portfolio to ensure your meeting zones support workplace performance and provide a welcoming atmosphere for occupants. Check and account for room availability at all times to avoid booking conflicts, effortlessly manage meeting room preparation and control and adjust finances where required all through your Concept Evolution CAFM/IWMS solution.

Simplify and improve your approach to meetings and reservations

Streamline your booking system with our user-friendly solutions, from handling inventory and catering requirements to Qubi integration for interactive hot-desk bookings, as well as Visual Booking options to seamlessly search and secure available facilities.

Remove barriers and empower your personnel

Ensure employees can access the meeting rooms and resources they need, when they need them.

With managers maintaining full visibility over space utilisation and costs, let your team choose how they work with a booking system that supports their needs.