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FSI Partnership Makes Workspaces Work Harder

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10/04/19 | Sally Wotton

Optimising space is one of the magic formulas of facilities management, bringing with it estate savings, operational efficiencies and fewer frustrations, says FSI.

With the ResourceXpress suite of products plugged into FSI's leading web-based Concept Evolution CAFM software, it becomes much easier to use workspaces to their full extent.

The way we work has changed, with remote and flexible arrangements making it challenging to determine what spaces are needed let alone whether they are available.

With easy-to use, responsive technology from ResourceXpress, this process becomes streamlined, providing a coordinated approach using real-time information. Add in the advanced functionality of FSI's Concept Evolution, this level of data can revolutionise the operations of an organisation.

As Andy Fisher, Business Development Manager for ResourceXpress, explained: "Gone are the days of notes on meeting room doors and one person to one desk. It varies depending on the organisation and workforce you are working with, but some organisations using this software can experience improvements in productivity of up to 40%.

"By giving people the tools to be able to book a space on-the-fly or in advance, determine what spaces and resources are available and ease any frustrations, we can make their working lives run smoother and, ultimately, a bit happier."

For those who hot-desk, an effective space booking system can also have an impact on well-being, even boosting inclusion. For employees desperate to find a suitable room, the system can save time, effort and energy, supporting their day-to-day working lives.

Synchronised with enterprise email packages and accessible through employees' own devices should they wish, the products give a seamless experience.

They include a kiosk with a colour-coded map of spaces and resources designed for front-of-house, a mobile web app and a slimline customisable, interactive screen for outside meeting rooms, all providing booking and information points to suit the user.

Both Aura meeting room screens and Qubi3 point of use devices can be swiped with a configured company ID card to authenticate bookings and prevent "no-shows". The user configurable status LED's give a real-time, easy-toview way of seeing a space's status, while collecting vital information on its use.

By integrating the products with FSI's desktop-based CAFM software, Concept Evolution, the technology boasts advanced functionality, giving a single, integrated and agile view of facilities and maintenance activities across the system.

Facilities managers can ensure spaces are maximised, even if there are no-shows, cancelled or abridged meetings. They can monitor the use and abuse of space and gain vital information on the lifecycle of assets through instant reporting of resource problems. They can even gather data on more intangible aspects such as whether a particular room is unpopular, and determine why, bringing these areas back on-line.

The savings can be manifold - on accommodation, numbers of desks, the desk to staff ratio, square footage needed, personal expenses and the impact of operational risks, such as poor weather.

As a consequence, the system becomes a god-send for facilities managers wanting to maximise the use of expensive real-estate, even across countries, with a number of high-profile organisations using the ResourceXpress software.

As Andy said: "Some customers have 1000's of room screens in many different countries so even a small improvement in resource usage can mean a big saving for them.