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24/05/16 | Sally Wotton

Sat in a room full of people, discussing the word of the moment: Data.

Data is there to be mined

Questions are being fired from all points in the room:
"How do we house this data?"
"How will our clients get access to this data?"
"What do we do with this data?"

Lots of questions then... How about an answer?

The problem in this particular instance is that the client has around five or six systems which FSI need to draw data from, not necessarily integrate - but draw a feed to provide a presentation layer to the client.

Overkill in the warehouse

"Let's opt for a data warehouse solution. We can employ lots of analysts who can work with the data all day!"

Whilst I have worked with organisations where FM data has been fed into a data warehouse solution, this seemed a little overkill in my mind; and after the costs were detailed the rest of the room was on the same page as me.

An Intuitive solution

Now, Concept has a number of reporting methods, from the traditional to the advanced. In my mind a client needs to have two views when thinking about reporting: Operational (the day-to-day) and Strategic (to drive the business forward). In this situation we needed a blend of both, along with ensuring the ability to aggregate data from across a number of data sources. The solution was simple. We use FSI Intuitive, our Business Intelligence (BI) layer. This tool sits within the Concept product set, ideal for users within the current system and their end client (using Concept Reach).

Allowing users to create dashboards and data sets on the fly, FSI Intuitive through its drag-and-drop interface, provides users with this power - without the need for a doctorate in data sciences!

There we have it. A configurable BI layer, allowing for multiple feeds of data from different sources, all flowing into one platform, for different users to interrogate through drag-and-drop.

Karl Broom is Senior Business Development Manager at FSI (FM Solutions) Limited