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Concept Reach Grid Widgets Enhancements in Concept Evolution Version

Concept Evolution

13/07/15 | Sally Wotton

FSI announce Reach Grid widgets enhancements to Concept Evolution version

The Reach Grid widgets provide a greater user experience to the end user, with the following configurability:

  • Open an Input Panel widget from a Grid widget
  • Open an Input Panel widget in a separate browser window from a Grid widget (standalone widget)
  • Open an Evolution Input panel from a Grid widget (not available when opening from Concept Reach)

The behaviour of the Input Panel widget opening can be configured independently depending on the application in which the widget is being displayed. For example, a Task Grid widget can be configured to open the Simple Helpdesk input panel in Concept Evolution, a standalone Helpdesk widget in Concept Connect and a standard Helpdesk Widget in Concept Reach.

This new behaviour can be set for the following grid widgets:-

  • Task Grid widget
  • Facilities Booking Grid widget
  • Visitor Booking Grid widget
  • Visual Booking widget

In addition, the ability to open a widget directly from a URL has been added:

  • For Grid widgets, display data for a specified related Query (Query ID passed as part of the URL)
  • For Input Panel widgets, display a specified record (Entity ID passed as part of the URL)

Contact for more information regarding the full content for Concept Evolution version