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Planned Maintenance Enhancements Among the Latest Updates to Concept Evolution Version

Concept Evolution

24/08/17 | Sally Wotton

FSI release Concept Evolution version, including an update in design and functionality for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPMs).

The PPM enhancements include:

  • Enhancements to the PPM Planner and Planned Maintenance Summary pages, including additional filter options, user preferences and improvements to design and performance
  • Dormant PPMs can be dropped and deleted from the PPM Planner
  • PPM tasks can be created, deleted, issued or dropped directly from the Dormant Records sub-navigation menu of the PPM input panel
  • Issued PPM Tasks can be seen via a new sub-navigation menu of the PPM input panel
  • Supporting Comments can be made compulsory when a user deletes, drops, or creates new Dormant Records
  • When PPMs have been dropped automatically a list of dropped dormant records is added to the PPM Event Log
  • Multiple Default Resources can be assigned to a PPM Template. Time Records for all Default Resources are automatically created and assigned to the Task when the PPM is issued
  • Mobile Audits can be assigned to PPM Template: when a PPM Task is issued from the template the system will create a Mobile Audit for the issued Task
  • Work Permit Templates can be associated with Scheduled Task Templates and PPM Templates: when Scheduled Tasks are created or PPM Tasks are issued, the appropriate Work Permit is automatically created and linked to the Task
  • It is now possible to assign Secondary Suppliers to Contracts. This means that you can assign Tasks to Resources that work for sub-contractors or Suppliers other than the primary Supplier of the Task Contract
  • Integration Web Services have been added to support all of the new functionality, including creation and maintenance of Permit Templates, Work Permits, Multiple Resources to PPMs, and Contract Secondary Suppliers

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