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Planned Maintenance Enhancements Included in Concept Evolution Version

Concept Evolution

21/04/16 | Sally Wotton

FSI release Concept Evolution version, including enhancements to Planned Maintenance.

Concept Evolution version includes the following:

  • New Planned Maintenance Summary overview screen, allowing users to view both planned future PPM tasks and PPM tasks already issued, in the same weekly planner view. This new planner view is colour coded not only for easy differentiation between issued and planned PPM tasks, but also for whether or not tasks have been completed within or outside the week in which they were issued for.
  • New Service Catalogue Widget, allowing for the logging of a Task via Concept Reach. The process walks the User through choosing the correct selections and shows the costs of those selections made. The following enhancements have also been made as a result:
    • An image icon can be uploaded to an instruction set
    • Schedule of Rates master items can be linked with Instruction Sets
    • Schedule of Rates items are automatically added to Tasks when Instruction Sets linked to Schedule of Rates master items are selected for a Task
    • Addition of a Schedule of Rates matrix, allowing the cost of a Schedule of Rates item to alter depending on elements of the Task
    • Inclusion of Time portion in the Due Date and Completion Date fields in Schedules of Rates against Tasks
  • New Supplier Quote Grid Widget, allowing the approval or rejection of Supplier Quotes from within Concept Reach
  • Option to enable automatic creation of requested Quotes when certain Instruction Sets are used against Tasks
  • Addition of Attribute Type to Smart Attributes Values, for defining attribute values as User or System attribute values
  • New-style updated Helpfiles throughout the system

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