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Concept Evolution

03/04/19 | Sally Wotton

Hazards and Warnings

Can you automatically inform your Engineers and Suppliers of the up-to-date Risks and Hazards registered at your Facilities, and receive their acknowledgement?

To help you provide early visibility of any Hazards and Warnings associated to the entities you are looking after in your organisation.

Ensure compliance and safety of your resources and supply chain when delivering works.

  • Resources can be fully informed of potential Hazards
  • Allow Resources to prepare and mitigate against the Risks


Can you demonstrate that you are keeping up with your regulatory responsibilities for your Facilities?

As part of Compliance monitoring, a register of Regulations and Compliance Types will enable clear definition of the statutory obligations that apply to your Tasks.

Compliance can be used for asbestos and legionella risk management, energy regulation, COSHH and lifting equipment etc.

Compulsory Documents can be set to force a User to upload a specific document before Completing or Signing Off a Task.

  • Maintain compliance
  • Ensure accurate record keeping

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