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FSI to Participate in Connecting the Workplace Roundtable, 10th November


01/07/16 | Sally Wotton

FSI will be participating in the 1st Roundtable Event in the series from This Week in FM, taking place on 10th November in London. The purpose of these Roundtable Events is to bring together key experts in Technology, FM and Workplace, to discuss the evolution of the Workplace.

The feedback from the This Week in FM reader community indicates that many businesses are having challenges in connecting the many facets of a fast changing workplace with implications in terms of both high costs and staff productivity. There are many dependencies on technology, but in the real world we find "islands" of technology that do not connect.

Companies have also invested in expensive solutions like panels and check in/out Apps, but the user community somehow seem to be able to by-pass the solution in place, grab a workplace of their choice, with no accountability for how the space is either booked, used or fit for purpose. This "human" element is then driving bad data and in some cases the wrong decisions, with too many of the wrong space types being created.

The forthcoming "Connecting the Workplace" Roundtable Series seeks to discuss these and related challenges being faced by many leaders in the Technology, FM, Real Estate and HR areas, with the objective of creating a set of best practice ideas and recommendations, that bring together the experience of industry leaders and colleagues in related fields.

This first Roundtable will focus on two things; Workplace Change and Technology Impact. It promises to be an exciting event, with very practical business challenges to discuss, pulling together some significant perspectives and best practice ideas.

Further information can be found on the This Week in FM website.