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Why Facilities Management Must Embrace Energy & Sustainability Software

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07/05/21 | Rebecca Drewett

With the urgency of organisations to maximise the energy efficiency across their buildings at an all-time high, both to optimise spending and preserve brand reputation, discover the incredible value energy and sustainability software offers to FM teams worldwide.

One of the 21 century’s strongest and most important areas of debate has concerned the present and future of the environment. As efforts to cut down on carbon emissions continue to be made, the role of the world’s buildings – and the FM professionals that operate them – is a critical one.

Buildings are some of the biggest drainers of energy, and are heavy contributors to climate change:

  • Buildings consume more than 40% of the world’s electricity [IEA]
  • Buildings consume over 25% of global water resources [UNEP]
  • Building operations are responsible for 28% of all carbon emissions [WorldGBC]

When you consider this incredible drain on energy resources, it is unsurprising that more and more pressure has been placed on making these environments more efficient and sustainable – especially when you consider that 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings goes to waste.

The Growing Importance of Energy & Sustainability Software

This means today’s FM professionals need to be more conscious of energy usage than ever before, both in reducing its expense on their facilities, and in supporting the overall future of our planet.

Energy and sustainability software is vital to FM teams meeting this growing responsibility as comprehensively as possible. By enabling professionals to monitor, manage and address energy consumption at all times, this technology is the cornerstone for buildings running at peak efficiency at all times, without hurting employee satisfaction levels.

Here we will break down the tangible benefits that green, sustainable buildings and processes offer to organisations, and illustrate exactly how energy and sustainability software can help you reap these benefits across your own portfolio.

5 Essential Benefits of Energy-Efficient Buildings

Prioritising an eco-friendly approach to facilities management can have substantial benefits on an organisation, from cutting down costs to enhancing its reputation internally and externally. Below, we’ve outlined 5 of the most prominent of these advantages.

1. Minimising costs

First and foremost, improving energy efficiency will naturally bring benefits to a company’s bottom line. With energy prices rising as a result of COVID, anything an organisation can do to manage the amount of energy they use and cut down any unnecessary waste is going to be a sizable cost-saver.

Over 50% of SMEs recognise the cost benefits of sustainable business practices – 30% have improved profitability through these [Lloyds]

With FM professionals always seeking to optimise the amount of spending in buildings to free up enough funds for future developments, investing in sustainable practices and technology can make a massive difference. An overall more committed approach to energy efficiency can:

  • Enable income into the company through recycling schemes
  • Reduce the amount of electricity, natural gas, water and more procured by the company
  • Minimise waste management expenses
  • Cut down costs of paper and printing devices

Through the use of trusted energy and sustainability software, FMs can play an active role in tracking energy usage, with the primary goal of reducing any waste and enabling the building to recoup greater revenue over time.

2. Enjoying tax benefits

In addition to the immediate financial benefits of assets and buildings running more efficiently, adopting more sustainable, environmentally-conscious practices means your business could access several tax breaks, and avoid unwelcome expenses like landfill taxes (depending on your location).

As the issue of climate change and energy usage has expanded over the years, more and more governments are offering tax cuts and exemptions for organisations that seek to minimise their consumption levels and introduce energy-efficient technology.

3. Boosting asset efficiency

If the assets across your buildings are always on or active, this can quicken the rate at which these deteriorate and lose effectiveness. This means that they will need to be maintained more frequently or replaced altogether with greater regularity, which costs both time and money.

By pushing energy-efficiency and limiting how often assets are used to what is considered absolutely necessary, it can extend their usability by months or even years, saving you the expense or effort of needing to repair or replace these often.

4. Bolstering resilience

Today's businesses need to have high levels of resilience to overcome the challenges of a volatile, uncertain world.

Sustainable business strategies help to inspire this resilience as it encourages FM teams to assess social and environmental risk to the business with a long-term perspective. Accounting for these risks and using these as the motivation for greater energy-efficiency puts the building in a strong position to react if key resources become scarce or unavailable.

5. Enhancing brand reputation

Eco-friendliness is a powerful trait for an organisation to demonstrate, as people’s expectations worldwide continue to rise in relation to how businesses act toward the environment and society. If you institute energy-efficient practices, this can amplify the trust and positivity people show towards your brand, resulting in:

  • Deeper brand loyalty among customers
  • Greater likelihood of return business
  • Better prospects for talent acquisition
  • More favourable press relating to your organisation

Fundamentally, the value that being viewed as environmentally-conscious can have as big a benefit for your brand value as energy-efficient practices have on your bottom line.

How Energy & Sustainability Software Unlocks These Benefits

Now we’ve identified the incredible, tangible benefits that enhanced energy-efficiency offers organisations, beyond the obvious positive outcomes on the world around us, what can FM professionals do to ensure their company is experiencing these?

The evolution of energy and sustainability software have made these benefits infinitely more achievable for FM teams. When incorporated within a wider, more comprehensive CAFM system, these technologies can give companies total control over their energy usage, and unearth opportunities to drive greater efficiency over time.

Develop a dedicated energy management strategy

From widespread data collection to managing tenant and utility bills, the right energy and sustainability software should enable you to build a complete, thorough strategy on how to manage energy usage across your facilities.

Set benchmarks for optimal energy consumption, track your carbon footprint and ensure your organisation complies with any energy-related regulations you are subject to.

Capture data critical to energy consumption

Covering tenant billing to energy bill validation, meter capture data to data alarms, your software will record all essential energy data across your assets and make it instantly accessible.

All data can be gathered from any source – spreadsheets, SCADA systems, paper bills, even directly from the meter – and maintained in one central resource, where the information can be put to use to increase efficiencies and keep consumption levels optimal.

Track data across reports and dashboards

Through intuitive dashboards and clear, refined reports, energy and sustainability software allows FMs to track energy usage trends with total ease, and use these findings to identify areas where efficiencies can be improved.

Through this information, FM teams can pinpoint any assets that are using excessive amounts of energy and justify a case for replacing it with a more energy-efficient equivalent.

Be alerted of any unexpected changes

Incorporated energy consumption alarms will give your team immediate indication of any assets whose consumption levels exceed established parameters, highlighting the asset may need to be repaired or replaced.

This consistent tracking improves building performance, lowers operating costs, raises your portfolio’s value and secures an overall more sustainable environment.

Build PPMs to maximise efficiencies

Harness the data captured by your energy management software to inform your approach to maintenance management. By utilising the information you gain, you can carefully manage the life expectancy of your assets and equipment, and automatically establish maintenance schedules that will keep them running at maximum efficiency.

This empowers your company and keeps costs down by enhancing your assets’ longevity and fitting maintenance plans around energy efficiency.

Make your buildings smarter to save

Integrate your energy and sustainability software with IoT sensors across your facilities to make energy use smart and flexible. Through this, your buildings can automatically adjust the systems that rely on energy – lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc. – based on the people occupying the area.

This means that energy can be conserved when rooms are vacant, reducing consumption and saving money, and used only when rooms are in use – especially useful as remote working becomes more prevalent. Your organisation saves money and uses less energy, and your employees feel absolutely no difference to their routine or comfort levels on site.

Discover The Energy-Saving Potential of Your Facilities

The power of energy and sustainability software is crucially important for forward-thinking businesses that really want to make their operations as efficient as possible. Access to this technology allows FM teams to take substantial strides towards a sustainable, cost-effective company that uses energy intelligently, not profusely.

When combined with Concept Evolution, this software is just one core component of a fully integrated ecosystem, empowering organisations worldwide to realise the potential of their buildings, spaces and processes.

Our comprehensive CAFM solution streamlines workloads, optimises resources and enhances reporting, all with the aim of making your day-to-day seamless and generating substantial savings for your company over time.

Find out how Concept Evolution can transform energy management in your organisation – get in touch with our team or book your free demo today.