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Cleaning Now from FSI:  keep your customers and workforce safe whilst delivering an efficient service.

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27/04/20 | Rebecca Drewett

Cleaning Now from FSI provides an industry specific addition to Concept Evolution CAFM/IWMS ensuring safe and compliant cleaning across your facilities. To meet the recent challenges in enhanced and rigorous cleaning practices, Cleaning Now maximises the efficiency of your workforce whilst demonstrating the effectiveness of your service delivery.

With a preconfigured set of industry standard templates, Cleaning Now allows you to customise audits and instructions to meet your customer’s unique requirements. A series of actions within the app guarantees each step of the required cleaning has been carried out, as well as providing a comprehensive auditable record of events. Cleaning Now shows you that work has been carried out as expected, and that your cleaning team and the users of the facilities are kept safe.

Leverage the value of the data stored within your Concept Evolution CAFM/IWMS system to optimise your cleaning regimes. Define safe and productive cleaning routes for your workforce that are visible and enforced in the Cleaning Now app. Seamless Integration with Concept Evolution means a graphical “LiveView” of the facility instantly highlights any problematic areas requiring attention.

Cleaning Now from FSI: safe, compliant, effective cleaning through Covid-19 and beyond.

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