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Concept C500 to Concept Evolution Transition Training Course

The Concept Evolution Transition training course is aimed at users who have migrated from Concept SQL Lite/ SQL/500 to Concept Evolution.

Target Audience

This one-day training course is ideally suited for users who work with Concept on a regular basis and have a requirement to be appraised of the new features available as well as understanding how to manage their existing standard functionality within the new platform.

If users are new to Concept they should attend the Foundation Skills course.

Relevant queries will be answered throughout the course.

Course Content

Introduction to Concept Evolution

  • Logging In
  • Evolution Grid Functions

User Accounts

  • Creating New Accounts
  • Assigning Permissions

New & Improved

  • Contract Groups
  • Contract Views
  • Property & Estates
  • Hazards
  • Documents
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • SLA
  • Work Permits
  • Multiple Reporters
  • Resource Planner

Task Management

  • Create Helpdesk Calls
  • Asset & PPMs
  • Task Management



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