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An Introduction to Workflow Professional

Complex business processes are becoming increasingly important in modern FM.

Concept Workflow Professional lets you clearly represent these processes with a powerful visual designer. Once you have mapped your processes, the Workflow Engine can turn your diagrams into automated actions that execute the rules you have created. This powerful module allows you to automate many processes that would otherwise have to be carried out manually*.

This course will take you through some set, commonplace Workflow Pros.

Target Audience

The two-day Workflow Professional course is ideally suited to technically proficient individuals who have a good understanding of IT.

Relevant queries to be answered throughout the course.

Course Pre-requisites

Due to the powerful capabilities of Workflow Pro, allowing users to modify data directly at a database level**, it is essential that course attendees have the following:

  • Attended and completed a Concept Workflow Lite course
  • An expert level of database knowledge of the Concept System they will be creating workflows for
  • Administration rights and a good level of understanding of their server infrastructure
  • Working knowledge of Relational Databases
  • Be an expert in their Concept System
  • Procedural programming knowledge
  • Good understanding of Structured Query Language/SQL

Course Content

  • General Introduction & Familiarisation
  • Database, File Listener, Email Listener & Timed Events
  • Validation Failures, Generated Code & XML
  • General Global & Custom Properties
  • Binding & Code Expressions (including date formatting)
  • Practical Examples
  • Install, Administration & Workflow Tracing


Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to all candidates who have demonstrated a satisfactory level of attendance.

Due to the vast capabilities of Workflow nodes and the potential impacts of modifying and creating Workflow Pros, it is recommended by FSI that time with an FSI Consultant is undertaken, to gain knowledge and support the scoping requirements before the creation of such Workflows commences in a live environment.

*In order to create and design workflows using the Pro nodes, the full Workflow Professional module must have been purchased. Please speak to your Business Development Manager for more information. Pro workflows which already exist within your system can be modified by contacting FSI Support for an unlock code.

**Please be aware that workflows created by clients are not covered by the Software Support Services Agreement and FSI (FM Solutions) Limited accepts no responsibility for errors. The FSI Support helpdesk can provide assistance in the analysis of errors and problems but full resolution may result in chargeable work. Workflow GO nodes are not included in this course.


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