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App-based promotion of your products and services to end users

Service Providers can promote customer loyalty by simplifying and centralising their service request app

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Empower building occupants to report issues and request services with ease

No matter what type of building your end customers occupy, use @yourService to engage directly in a collaborative, simple and effective way.

You're delivering great services, but could your customer experience be improved? With @yourService you can promote your brand like never before. Streamline your customer journey and simplify the request processes through @yourService, eliminating messy phone call logs, email trails and outdated intranet notifications.

Promote a sense of community by enabling your end users to contribute to the quality of their environment by reporting issues and booking value-add services via a custom branded app. End users can make payments through the app, stay informed with regular and relevant updates via an activity feed and communicate with the helpdesk when necessary.

Why choose @yourService for Service Providers?

Generate fresh new revenue opportunities

Offer your community a range of value-added services

Whether it’s a one-off request or a recurring service, users can select anything you make available to them, they can then book and pay for the service – all in the app, all in a matter of minutes. If you want to upsell other sub-services, you can include optional extras during the payment process.

Streamline communication between end users, the service desk and the facilities workforce

Easy service delivery and engagement for your community

Users can report issues and make requests with minimal effort, giving delivery teams all the information they need to complete them effectively. Take users through a simple step-by-step journey to select, book and pay for services and keep them informed with a dedicated feed of status updates they care about, such as maintenance work that could affect their day, in one central place.

Give the end user a voice by empowering them and supporting their wellbeing

Easy access to booking services facilitates comfort, confidence and happiness in their surroundings

@yourService can be used to:

  • Boost the wellbeing of your team with workplace services such as desk assessments to make sure their set-up is ergonomic.
  • Encourage tenants to book end-of-agreement deep cleans and inspections through your verified service vendors, providing total transparency of any associated costs.
  • Give residents in retirement or assisted living communities their independence back by putting the request for services directly in their hands.
  • Help hospitals improve their patients' experience by enabling them to request comfort options through the app.

@yourService Features

Community Feed

Users can see all the status updates relevant to their environment and requests. Staying in-the-know keeps them engaged and reduces communication needed with the service desk.


This functionality ensures quick and easy initiation of a request, immediately identifying the asset or location via a scanning sticker.

Appointment Setting

Users can select the date and times available for services, accurately and continually updated as part of Concept Evolution.

Service Catalogues

Catalogues outline your service delivery structure and associated tasks. Design and categorise each one so that customers can easily find what they need.

Service Updates

When a user subscribes to information they’re interested in or makes a request, your service desk can interact with them through a two-way communication tool.

Custom Branding

Make your customers feel part of a community with a custom image banner and logo.

Payment Gateway

Users can pay for anything they need within the app. And we’re brand agnostic, so you can choose the brand you’re most comfortable with.


Set up and share events that are taking place within a community. Whether it’s essential work or a social meeting, this feature helps keep everyone in the loop.

Take building occupant engagement to the next level

Put your end customers at the heart of their services, help them stay informed and drive customer satisfaction at every stage of the journey.