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Connecting people, data, buildings and places for limitless possibilities.

Optimise the efficiency of your workplace, drive organisation-wide benefits and significantly reduce operational costs with powerful Facilities Management software owned and developed by FSI.

Our industry-leading technology delivers absolute accessibility for owner/occupiers and global scalability to the world’s largest service providers. With seamless integration into your existing systems, we give you the power to take control, harness valuable data and make informed decisions to revolutionise the way you work.

Introducing Concept Evolution

Reliable data. Agile configuration. Meaningful outputs.

Realise the potential of your buildings, spaces and processes with a fully integrated ecosystem. No matter how complex your FM operations, Concept Evolution streamlines workloads, optimises resources and enhances reporting. Take control of your day-to-day through one easy-to-use central hub.

Help users engage with their environment with Workplace Apps

Every FM decision you make affects your end user, it’s never been more important to gain their buy-in.

Our range of Workplace Apps provide a smart and intuitive way to connect with multiple teams. Converse through ChatLog, crowdsource ideas through Our Say, communicate important details, organise events and allow room bookings to be made from anywhere.

Get real-time updates from your FM team with Workforce Apps

Be in-the-know with a suite of tools for your workforce to feed key information directly into.

Access time logging, check-ins, mileage, expenses and more all through Concept Evolution. See the data remote resources have submitted so you can track and assist with their day. Workforce Apps digitises would-be paperwork and keeps both you and your teams in the loop.

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