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BMS Integration

Keep key information flowing with BMS Integration

Through advanced BMS Integration, Concept Evolution is able to talk to your building in its own language, allowing you to control its environment, functionality, security and maintenance, all through a single intuitive interface.

If an alarm is triggered, or a break-down detected, Concept Evolution will be constantly monitoring and reacting. And not just one BMS, but multiple systems at once if required. Reactive automation will deploy engineers, generate works orders, print job cards and process job sheets, lightening the load on your helpdesk.

A system that saves

On top of the convenience and compatibility that BMS Integration brings, you’ll also experience cost savings through a more focused and efficient maintenance regime.

With the monitoring that integration makes possible, you’ll be able to streamline planned maintenance of items and service equipment with less frequency.

Be proactive and reactive

With information flowing instantly and effectively from your BMS onto your facilities management dashboard, you’ll keep a constant eye on the condition of your equipment.

Spotting issues before they become problems gives you the opportunity to conduct maintenance, repairs and replace parts – which is far more cost effective than dealing with units and systems which have been allowed to fail.

Keep key information flowing with BMS Integration

Harness the power of your BIM data.