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Service Level Agreement

Robust SLAs made simple. Automate your task management. Mitigate your costs.

The key to increasing contract profitability lies in SLA automation. Meet your contractual obligations without a hitch, automate escalation of business-critical helpdesk calls and alleviate penalties by addressing impending breaches before they immobilise your business.

A flexible system that allows predefined procedures and prioritisation to seamlessly unfold without the need for manual intervention – however complex fulfilment may be. Optimise your resources by setting how and when your tasks take precedence to ensure exceptional service delivery on time, every time.

Measure, monitor & optimise

Gain complete oversight of your entire service delivery activity with access to multi-contract, multi-region and multi-entity data.

Implement milestones, track fixes and optimise response times for requests. Define bespoke rules across a range of components including locations, people, times, days of week, type of work and more. When your task automation system understands the difference between critical cleaning in a high traffic area and a bulb replacement in a vacant meeting room, you can rest assured your SLAs are under control.

Advanced multi-contract compliance

No two contracts are the same, and neither is the way you deliver them.

Say goodbye to second guessing and hello to a CAFM/IWMS system that’s fully mapped to your SLAs, and intricately reflective of each contract’s needs. There’s no bespoke development needed, and our intuitive drag and drop feature means you can build on and amend as your contracts and business dictate.

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Robust SLAs made simple