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Subcontractor Portal

Extend the power of Concept Evolution to your sub-contractors with the Concept Connect Sub-Contractor Portal. A cost-effective way to stay connected to your supply chain.

Easily share task-specific features of Concept Evolution without the need for a full license. Trying to maintain the resources of multiple suppliers can become messy and complex. With FSI’s sub-contractor portal, there’s no need to integrate different systems. Instead, subcontractors and engineers can feed data directly into the appropriate parts of Concept Evolution, all with an online login.

Empower subcontractors to take responsibility

Make your system accessible for those who have ongoing obligations in your buildings, such as cleaners and electricians.

Our subcontractor portal allows them to access the tools relevant to them and manage their tasks most effectively, giving managers a segmented view to control and monitor the wider operations.

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Extend the power of Concept Evolution to your subcontractors