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30 years in the FM industry: FSI celebrates

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16/03/20 | Rebecca Drewett

What the CAFM/IWMS tech company sees for the future

Since 1990, FSI has been developing forward-thinking solutions for the facilities management industry. They have worked to shape and innovate at a time when total facilities management was just emerging, to today driving IoT, BIM and advanced product development within the FM space. If the team was asked to paint a picture of the technologies, industry and workplace environments of right now, it would be very different from when they started out 30 years ago. And FSI has had a front seat in seeing this landscape evolve. The company has outlived many competitors, recessions and now-obsolete technology, growing and learning with the FM industry from its infancy to the advanced tech-led operation it is today. FSI is celebrating this birthday milestone with a new website and identity as they prepare to enter a new age of CAFM/IWMS automation.

Paul Bullard, Business Strategy Director at FSI says “We’ve spent 30 years developing and driving advanced solutions for FMs and global contractors. We’ve seen so many business industries become automated – accounting, marketing, sales, logistics. Since 1990, we’ve made it our business to drive the automation of facilities management through CAFM/IWMS solutions. Though we’ve worked hard to get our clients to a place where they can harness and interpret incredible amounts of data, new technology in development will soon allow us to learn from this collective data and make more informed decisions about a business moving forward. Facilities management has always been somewhat retrospective in nature and we’re helping clients to be more predictive, leverage the value of the Concept Evolution data they already have to get them into new markets, make significant cost-savings and enhance customer experiences. It’s a really exciting time.”

FSI is looking to the future with the launch of their new website and are fortunate to have so many long-standing employees helping to drive their vision forward. Tony Green, Technical Sales Manager at FSI says “There are a lot of considerations and priorities that are driving today’s solutions that weren’t so prominent when I joined FSI over 22 years ago. Workplaces are much more people and experience-focused, environmental impact drives a lot of decisions and the incredible elevation of FMs in the business world has really shifted the industry for the better. From the days of physically loading our pre-built hardware into a lorry to deliver to a client, to today completely embedding our Concept Evolution software into their business, we’re more than keeping up with the pace of technological progression. In fact, clients are often surprised to learn the breadth of key integrations we can undertake for them. Whether that’s with a financial product, or their ERP – what we do now extends far beyond FM tech alone”.

From implementing sensors that detect broken fridges in leading supermarkets and entering a workflow requiring no human intervention, to solving complex temperature issues within government buildings, FSI’s technology has come incredibly far in 30 years. The global team of more than 200 developers, consultants, technical leads and more continue to push the boundaries of what’s considered ‘the norm’ in the FM tech space. Though the main goal is to innovate, FSI see the natural progression of the sophisticated technology they develop becoming the standard in years to come. A business built on creativity, excellence, growth and collaboration – FSI is always looking 30 years into the future.

About FSI

Established in 1990, FSI is a global leader in CAFM / IWMS solutions, with headquarters in the UK, offices in global locations, plus an international partner network. The portfolio includes Concept Evolution CAFM / IWMS, FSI GO Mobile Workforce apps, and Concept Advantage Workplace apps.