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31/03/20 | Rebecca Drewett

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, and with the number of those testing positive continuing to rise, we are continuing to monitor both Government advice and the overall situation on a daily basis. With reports showing that the crisis continues to escalate, and is expected to continue doing so for at least another month or two, it has been considered prudent by FSI for all staff to work remotely.

Due to the nature of our business, this decision should not affect our service offering to our clients and we continue to support them through these unprecedented times.

As FSI are considered to provide essential support for key workers there may be times that attendance on client sites may be required by some of our staff and, subject to risk assessment on a case by case basis, these will take place.

FSI will continue to closely monitor the situation and may revise this update as the progress of this pandemic unfolds.

Frequently Answered Questions


FSI have a responsibility to all our customers, suppliers and staff and, in light of the current worldwide issue in relation to the coronavirus, it is our duty to keep up to date with events as they become known to us, based on clear government guidelines. We are exercising extreme caution over the safety and health of all our customers, suppliers and staff. Therefore, we have been monitoring the reported risks and spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Whilst our first priority is public health and looking after our staff members and customers through some preventative measures, we also have to ensure business continuity. Based on the available advice, the current risk to the UK population is classified as moderate. With the emerging number of reported cases in the United Kingdom over the last few days, we feel it necessary to highlight the guidance and instructions currently being provided by the Hong Kong Government of Health.

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