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FSI launches @yourService for workplace and residential customer engagement

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22/06/21 | Rebecca Drewett

The B2B and B2C app for workplace and residential customer engagement

Requests, issue reporting and service booking made easy: a new era for Facility Management customer engagement.

Whether residential or commercial, the key to great service in homes and buildings lies in great customer experience. With FSI’s dedicated app, @yourService, you can drive customer satisfaction and enhance your delivery proposition.

Employees and residents can stay informed about their specific requests and issues, and what’s going on in their building or community. Engagement and access to services is increased, and reliance on emails, phone calls and outdated intranet portals is significantly reduced.

For workplace engagement

From broken coffee machines to air conditioning issues, employees can now see, report and request services from wherever they are. When issues are reported, one of the toughest challenges is to identify their exact location. With @yourService you can place QR codes, NFC tags or barcodes around a building and on assets, allowing employees to scan exactly where they are reporting an issue from. Employees can also seamlessly navigate through service selection, booking and payments, purchasing value-added services such as ordering food to their desk, getting their car washed and much more.

For residential engagement

Whether you manage flats, apartments, homes, villas or entire communities, if you provide residential building services, @yourService can help you promote them like never before. As well as letting residents report issues, they can book services for a time that suits them and pay for them through a payment gateway of your choice. The helpdesk can provide dedicated status updates via the app, keeping residents informed the entire time. Fully customisable, this is the ultimate service solution for resident engagement.

Features include:

  • Activity Feed - Whether it’s home service updates for residents or building services for employees, all customers can see the activity that’s relevant to them.
  • Scanning - One of the biggest challenges of issue reporting is pinpointing the exact location of the fault. QR, NFC or barcodes allow customers to give an accurate placement of the asset or area identified.
  • Appointment Setting - Dates, times and service selection allow customers to book an appointment that suits them.
  • Service Updates - The service desk can provide one-to-one or wider updates to groups on certain tasks.
  • Payment Gateway - As a brand agnostic app, you can choose the payment provider of your choice.

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