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FSI Partners with Intuitive BI for Interactive Data Visualisation in Concept Evolution

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30/11/15 | Sally Wotton

FSI and Intuitive BI, a best-of-breed provider of data visualisation tools, provide an interactive data visualisation of the information stored in your Concept Evolution system.

Intuitive BI supports the distribution of key management information to Concept Evolution Users, in a manner that is both readily understandable and easy to act upon.

Information is presented within simple graphical components (e.g. a pie chart) that are combined into dashboards of related information.

Dashboards can be viewed via a normal PC browser, on a tablet, or by smart phone.

Information within the dashboard can be restricted by the role or seniority of the User, for example a contract manager would only see information relating to properties in their contracts, a maintenance manager would perhaps not see financial information, and suppliers would see only their task performance.

There are currently eight distinct dashboards covering:

  • Helpdesk Call Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Finance
  • Task Analysis including Supplier Performance
  • Assets & PPMs
  • Resource Efficiency & Workload
  • Facilities Booking
  • Management Overview

Creating dashboards

The Concept Evolution dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the information held in the system. Using simple tools provided, new components and dashboards can be created to provide custom made views for particular roles and needs.

With the use of defined views, the User is not required to understand database table relationships, allowing seamless drag-and-drop capability.

Examples include:

  • To provide a customer portal showing task performance and facility utilisation
  • To provide suppliers with a real-time view on the tasks assigned to them, and the customer satisfaction levels they are delivering
  • To provide maintenance engineers with a view of their outstanding tasks on their smart phone

Data can be imported from sources other than Concept Evolution to provide an integrated dashboard solution for the organisation as a whole.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact your FSI account manager.