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Technology in FM: FSI’s evolution

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05/03/20 | Rebecca Drewett

We’ve spent 30 years crafting and refining our offering. And we will never stop. Why? Because we understand that the world is constantly evolving, and we will always need and want to evolve with it. Paul Bullard, FSI Business Strategy Director, discusses.

Our Knowledge Group gives us something that technology can’t always give us – personal and qualitative feedback from our clients. We realised a long time ago the need to be customer-centric in how we approach our product, and we introduced this team to measure the pulse of our industry – to know what’s going on, to be more connected to our customers and to disrupt the status quo. We take the latest trends in technology, consult with our experts, engage our clients and make sure we have buy-in from global teams before we start a new development.

Concept Evolution has given our clients the core of their FM operations. Our Dreamscape platform is allowing them to keep up with new demands. Clients can build apps and integrations for their business using our technology, enabling them to be infinitely more agile, as well as grow in their other regions and markets.

The technology we’re excited about is helping clients look at their vast amounts of data and allowing them to spot trends they can leverage.

What if we could take the data they’ve been logging for the past 20 years and use the multiple instances where a single event has occurred to automate a task for the helpdesk team? If a job has cost X amount with Y supplier every year and taken on average Z amount of time to complete for the past 10 years, then this data can be used to estimate the time it’s going to take to fix it when an issue occurs.

This means employees spend less time gathering information, get predictive data sent to them directly and can learn from past experiences. The system will help staff utilise their skill-sets more effectively and give people the chance to add real value to their customer experience.

We’ve come a long way in automating FM processes and delivery. Now we want to change the way these systems drive employees, and use them to shape and deliver maintenance both today and in the future.