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Enhanced Web Services in Concept Evolution

Concept Evolution

15/09/15 | Sally Wotton

Concept Evolution version includes enhancements to the web service communication methods (APIs), adding in additional available fields and some new features.

The following new web methods have been added to the TaskServiceV3 web service:

  • GetTaskSteps: This method returns Instruction Step Questions for the specified Task (TA_SEQ) value
  • GetFeedbackChoices: This method returns Feedback Choices for the Specified Instruction Step (TA_ANS_SEQ) when the Feedback Response Type of the Instruction Step is of type AnswerType
  • AnswerTaskStep: This method allows the Answering of the Instruction Step Question for the specified Instruction Step (TA_ANS_SEQ)

The above web service methods are available for use within locked Workflow as an addition to the Evolution WCF node.

The Task entity properties which can be set and updated via the Web Services (and therefore accessible via locked Workflow) now include many more properties which were previously unavailable from the workflow web services.

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