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Integrated BIM Model Viewer in Concept Evolution Version

Concept Evolution

07/08/18 | Sally Wotton

Integrated BIM Model Viewer for all Concept Evolution users to access asset information by clicking on an object in a model is available in Concept Evolution version

By clicking on an object in the model (including service history, PPM requirements, documents and attributes) users can also allow create a new breakdown task for the selected asset.

Features in the enhanced model viewer include:

  • Resizable and Collapsible panes
  • Enhanced Pan/Zoom/Orbit controls
  • Additional Options for showing and hiding Layers in the BIM Model
  • Highlight Connections and Relationships between Assets
  • System preference for the highlight colour of objects selected in the model
  • New Asset Details pane showing the full Asset register pages and sub-navigation pages for any selected objects linked to Assets
  • New Asset Grid view pane showing all Assets in the Building linked to the model
  • Highlight Assets in the model by selecting them in the grid
  • Click assets in the grid to zoom to the position of the Asset in the model
  • Instigate creation of a new Breakdown Task directly from the service details sub-navigation page of any Asset

The Integrated BIM Model Viewer also allows you to open a BIM model from the context of an Asset and be taken straight to the linked object in the BIM view.

For clients that have pre-existing or evolving asset registers (i.e. the asset register hasn't been built via a COBie import from the same source as the 3D model) the integrated model viewer also has a mode that allows users to establish links between objects in the model and assets in their asset register.

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