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PPM Enhancements and New Task Preferences in Concept Evolution Version

Concept Evolution

13/08/18 | Sally Wotton

PPM enhancements for easy drilldown and new Task Preferences are available in Concept Evolution version

The enhancements include:

  • ‘Select All' option for all entity grids.
  • Addition of Task Preferences to allow the disabling of filtering of Department fields based on Buildings and Locations populated in the Advanced Helpdesk.
  • Extension of Category and Discipline fields to 64 characters.
  • Enhancement of PPM information window (launched from the Advanced Helpdesk for PPM Tasks), to have hyperlinks added so that users can more easily drill into the actual PPM record direct from the Task.
  • Updating of Workflow FastSMS integration to use the latest supported version of the FastSMS API.

Contact for more information regarding the full content of Concept Evolution version