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What's New in Concept Evolution Version

Concept Evolution

18/06/15 | Sally Wotton

Concept Evolution version includes enhancements to the PPM Planner and base system.

Enhancements include:

  • Improved filtering in the PPM Planner, including priority and hierarchical filtering of Sites and Buildings.
  • Manage Contacts to Buildings from the Contact input panel, for assigning single Contacts to manage multiple Buildings easily.
  • Control the availability of the Contact Quick Add button on the Simple and Advanced Helpdesks.
  • Flagging-up Instruction Sets when available for use with Scheduled Tasks separately from being available for use for Call Logging.
  • Copying System and User Queries within the Query input panel.
  • Opening Tasks from the Resource Planner via right-click on calendar view.
  • Filtering according to the Priority of a PPM in the PPM Planner.
  • Addition of a Role Permissions Report for showing permissions associated to the currently selected role.
  • Ability to open the Resource input panel directly from the Resource list in the Resource Planner.
  • Improved preferences for the filtering of Helpdesk call reporters by Building and Location.

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