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Environmental FM Partnership sets out to Redefine Workplace Optimisation

Facilities Management

20/10/18 | Sally Wotton

A growing body of research is establishing that environmental conditions in the workplace (temperature, humidity, air quality, light, noise - and occupational density) play a critical part in optimising employee performance and productivity.

For employees, this helps determine the satisfaction and motivation an individual derives from their work and the attitude they will have towards their employer.

For companies, the cumulative effect of an environmentally optimised workplace is, ideally, a more profitable, successful business - and one that maintains an edge in the war for talent.

Using connectivity via the internet of things, CAFM provider FSI is partnering with Purrmetrix, who combine the latest generation of wireless environmental sensors with FSI's web based analytical software, creating actionable IoT data.

Together they can provide real-time, multi-site, end-to-end workplace solutions which leverage the value of environmental data to bring new standards of precision and responsiveness to organisational needs.

The latest sensor technology provides a much more local, granular perspective on workplaces. Wireless sensors deployed adjacent to desk spaces at human height (not ceiling height), and with much higher density than has typically been the case, give a truer, more detailed picture (square meter by square meter) of the state of a workspace to help improve the efficiency of the existing processes of environmental management (localised regulation of temperature, humidity etc).

The Dreamscape IoT Hub from FSI receives and logs this data, reacts intelligently to it and effects automated responses and/or advises the FM team of issues that need to be addressed.

The baseline resultant benefit is ideally both more efficient FM and happier, more productive workers! Compared to high-end Building Management Systems - often found in flagship corporate premises - these portable systems provide a more cost effective way of improving performance even in low value buildings.

They are quick to install - from box to initial analytics in 30 minutes - so a complete estate can be set up and monitored quickly. This accumulation of environmental data opens the door to other benefits.

Organisations can begin to strategise and plan for greater optimisation and appropriate uses of different spaces/buildings, to motivate employees, to reduce energy consumption or drive the efficiency of the organisation's processes.

In this proactive context the FM role takes on an elevated status relative to its more traditional reactive dimensions. Not all employees thrive in exactly the same work environment and different environments suit differing work roles.

The ability to understand the physical characteristics of workspaces in ‘high definition' via this environmental monitoring and to canvas group and individual worker satisfaction in real time, using the FSI product suite helps locate employees in the kind of conditions they feel suit them best for the tasks they are doing.

It builds a collaborative, community spirit, positively shaping the corporate culture. Using this new IoT capability allows organisations and FM outsourcers to demonstrate a new level of commitment to the happiness and comfort of staff.

This is a valuable move towards the workplace that better understands and supports the employee experience and organisational performance.

In partnership with Purrmetrix, FSI provides real-time, end-to-end sensor-technology workplace solutions.

Integrated with FSI's Concept Evolution CAFM solution, the Purrmetrix sensors provide instant workplace and workspace data.