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Real Estate

Achieve real-time
visibility across your
entire property portfolio

Secure the information you need to maximise the value of your buildings

Manage and monitor all property- related data in your portfolio and ensure you’re getting the most out of your buildings.

Follow vital information, including rents, rates, leasing and utilities from a single, easy-to-use platform, with solutions that are scalable depending on the size and reach of your portfolio. Align the performance of your buildings with your distinct business strategy to reap optimal efficiency and value across your properties.

Get better value from your buildings

Integrate your Concept Evolution software with BIM data to enhance the decision-making behind the management of your buildings and facilities across their lifecycle. In addition, Excitech integration helps you oversee space and move management closely and cost-effectively.

Harness and analyse property-related data

Group the geographical data of your buildings to suit your needs, track each site’s revenue and performance for future planning, and effortlessly compare property and lease information across multiple buildings to maximise their value.