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Workflow Lite

Workflow Lite allows users to create workflow style rules that generate actions in response to events in Concept.

The system allows non-expert users to setup basic rules, conditions and actions.

Target Audience

This one-day introductory course is recommended for technical system users, especially those involved in the setup and configuration of the Workflows. The course focuses upon the creation of workflows for sending text messages and e-mails. Users will gain a full understanding of Workflow Lite capabilities and utilisation.

Due to the complex training environment needed, Workflow Lite training can only be delivered at FSI training centres, or when using the FSI hosted training environment.

Course Content

Workflow Explorer

  • Event Type Nodes
  • Workflow List Nodes


  • Database Events
  • Timed Events

Workflow Designer

  • Palette
  • Designer
  • Lower Panel
  • Properties Panel
  • Using Properties in Workflow Nodes
  • Menu & Toolbar Options

Workflow Nodes

  • Condition Nodes
  • Email Actions
  • SMS Actions

Workflow Tracing

Relevant queries to be answered throughout the course.


Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to all candidates who have demonstrated a satisfactory level of attendance.


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