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A contemporary approach
to FM with Concept Advantage Workplace Apps

Get the attention of your workplace and keep it – with an attractive suite of single-purpose FM apps.

Engage with a new generation of business people for whom apps are second nature – and a way of life.

Make your interactions by captivating over platforms that feel intuitive and social. Gain their buy-in by reaching out to service consumers via a familiar medium and showing them that you care about how FM affects their environment and well-being.

Communicate directly with your provider or team through live, two-way interaction via ChatLog. Give power to the people by putting crowdfunding ideas to the vote through Our Say. Get personalised, localised alerts and access critical information regarding contacts, policies, evacuation procedures and more through Our Info. Manage facilities booking, with notifications and reminders through BookIt. Manage social gatherings and activities for your workplace community like book sales, yoga classes or charity campaigns through Our Events.

Encouraging self service

Help your workplace community take control of their working environment.

Have them interact directly with FM systems, trigger deployments and invite solutions. Incentivise stakeholders to report faults and incidents through a points system, or prize draws – and watch reports rocket, allowing issues to be logged, addressed and overcome.

Strengthen your organisational brand

Encourage teams to identify with the wider corporate culture through branded apps. Underline your business values with FM apps that demonstrate your commitment to coworker well-being. Create positive shared experiences and environments that create a co-operative atmosphere in the workplace. And see how this results in a close-knit, productive workforce with improved retention.

Apps that understand the needs - and tech culture - of your workplace community

Smartphone and tablet apps present a familiar interface and capitalise on shared experiences that we have with technology. They sit alongside WhatsApp, social media, YouTube and countless other commonplace apps to become an intuitive part of people’s toolkits. The emerging generation of executives expect a way of interacting that’s fast, efficient, and demonstrates commitment to listening to their needs, and that’s what Workplace Apps delivers.

Encourage your whole workplace community to contribute to the success of the facilities they occupy

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Connect our apps with your business ecosystem.

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